Strategic Thinking

Mission of the EPM Group

We are a "Multilatino" Business Group of Colombian origin and public in nature. We contribute to  well being and equitable development in our communities by responsibly and comprehensively providing solutions for energy, water, sewer service, and TICs [Information and Communication Technologies].

Vision of the EPM Group

Pensamiento estratégico

In 2022, the EPM Business Group will have reached the goal of positioning itself among the 50 largest "multilatina" companies in terms of revenue, with an emphasis on Colombia, Central America, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico, serving as a leader in operational excellence, reputation, and transparency; offering customers and the market a comprehensive portfolio of competitive solutions for energy, water, sewer service, and TICs, founded on socially responsible practices with all of its stakeholders.

EPM’s Group MEGA

“In 2022, Grupo EPM will reach, with responsible competitiveness criteria, earnings of US$16 billion, with an EBITDA of at least US$5.5 billion with socio-economic and financial profitability, the latter being higher than the cost of capital.”