Relationship with the State

Relationship with the State

At national level

At local level

Scheme for servicing Territorial Entities, the Government of Antioquia, and decentralized entities:

  • Servicing municipalities through links with the Sub-Directorate for Relations with Territorial Entities specific to each sub-region in Antioquia Department and for each municipality in the Aburrá Valley.
  • Strengthening inter-institutional management relating to engagement issues with communities, and training in public utility issues.
  • Strengthening social controls through dealing with municipal council and community requirements.
  • Working alongside the programs that EPM brings to communities.
  • Coordination, within EPM, of requirements and requests for infrastructure projects proposed by municipalities, the Metropolitan Area, the Government of Antioquia or decentralized entities, related to domestic public utilities.

Action Framework with Territorial Entities (TEs):

 Action Framework with TEs


Through the implementation of the Action Framework, it is proposed, among others, that EPM participate in the local processes for planning within the territory, working with municipal administrations for the effective execution of projects that involve the availability of public utilities, and the promotion of collaborative actions that add value to the relationship with territorial entities by optimizing attention to matters that are of interest to both. 


Action framework covering all TEs where EPM has a presence, whether directly or indirectly affecting the community.


Phase 1. Establishment of general rules for action with Territorial Entities.

Phase 2. Development of issues relevant to the engagement of TEs, such as: Infrastructure projects, road surfacing, housing, emergency support and conflict resolution


Phase 1. Constructing a document that establishes general rules. Following this, there will be a discussion with each of the TEs in order to define agreements or conventions around this. 

Phase 2. Roundtables were put forward with representatives from each business to whom the scope of each of the issues of said framework was expressed, taking into account their suggestions. Following this, there will be a discussion with each of the TEs in order to define agreements or conventions relating thereto.