Recognition and Certification

Recognition and CertificationRecognition

EPM, with the highest reputation in public services

EPM was ranked as the most reputable public services company in Colombia in the study called Merco (Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation [Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa]), which assessed 29 national production industries in order to rank the top 100 companies. EPM reached #8 among the most reputable companies in the country, leading the list of 8 companies in its industry that were included in the study. Likewise, the company’s General Manager, Federico Restrepo Posada, moved up from number 25 in 2009 to number 13 in the ranking of the 100 most reputable Colombian businessmen.

The study, which was conducted by Spanish firm Justo Villafañe y Consultores, included in each of its variables the analysis of economic and financial results, ethics, social and environmental responsibility, internal reputation, employment quality and the organization’s business offerings.

  • Boyacá Cross.
    Highest award granted by the National Congress of Colombia. 1980
  • Portafolio Empresarial Award.
    Portafolio business journal from El Tiempo newspaper. Colombia’s first public entity in customer service quality. 1996.
  • The first company in the Colombian electricity industry.
    Assessment by the Office of the Superintendent for Household Public Services. 1999.
  • Twentieth Century company in Colombia.
    Portafolio business journal from El Tiempo newspaper. 1999.
  • Antioquia Engineering Award.
    Sociedad Antioqueña de Ingenieros (SAI) [Antioquian Engineers Company]. 2000.
  • National Excellence Award, from the Suratep professional risk management company.
    The company with the best occupational health management out of 9,500 Colombian companies. 2001.
  • Excellence in Concrete Award,
    Civil Works Category, 2002. Asocreto.
  • One of the two most transparent companies in Colombia for recruitment.
    Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure. 2006.
  • Best large household public services company,
    town hall or large organization legally established to provide household public services. ANDESCO. 2007.
  • Honorable Mention
    “Best social performance”, 2007. ANDESCO.
  • Award in the Social Responsibility category.
    Colombian Centre for Public Relations, Cecorp [Centro Colombiano de Relaciones Públicas]. 2007.
  • “Ten” Award.
    Awarded to the top 10 builders in Latin America. 2007.
  • Cier Award.
    In the last seven years, EPM has reached the highest rate in the “Quality in Energy Supply” Survey by the Regional Energy Integration Commission. Listed as the third best in quality from amongst 52 electric power distribution companies from 13 countries in South and Central America. 2009.
  • ANDESCO Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Declared out of competition (achieved the highest score) in the “Best Large Company” category. Award for the Teguío project in the “Best Work Environment” category. 2009.
  • AAA rating
    Daniel Franco, [30.01.18 17:18] Issued by Duff & Phelps to the bond issues in the local market and to its corporate debt. 2009.
  • “Baa3” investment grade rating
    by international risk firm Moody’s Investors Service in New York, both to the EPM corporate debt and to the international bond issue up to $500 million. 2009.
  • Assignment of “BB+” rating
    by the Fitch Ratings company for the bond issue up to $500 million. Is the highest rating the company can aspire to with this international rating agency. 2009.
  • In the last annual reputation assessment, conducted by the Ipsos Napoleón Franco firm, EPM achieved results above the national average for household and company customers, suppliers and investors and employees.
  • Second place among public service companies and eighth among all Colombian companies,
    in addition to going up in the ranking as regards the variables on economic and financial results, internal reputation and employment quality, and ethics and corporate responsibility. Merco (Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa).
  • It is also among the five most admired, most innovative, best-managed, most sustainable companies which are better able to attract, retain and develop talent, and with the highest quality standards in products and services. Likewise, it is among those companies where most people want to work and those companies that will emerge strengthened by their handling of the crisis. Dinero e Invamer Gallup magazine.