Our Services

The services that we provide to our users are: Electricity, piped gas, water and sewerage systems. EPM has also been prominent in these four public utility areas and is now progressing on a series of projects that will consolidate its leading position.

Agua Energía Gas natural

EPM Water supports the well-being of the inhabitants of Medellín and its metropolitan area through the comprehensive management of the water cycle: the supply of excellent water quality and the collection and treatment of wastewater. More

EPM holds a significant position in Colombia’s electricity sector, with a 21.11% share of the demand serviced across the country. For more than five decades, it has constructed the backbone of Colombia’s hydroelectric system. More

EPM has provided piped natural gas since 1996, the year in which its pilot phase began. In 1998, this gave rise to its natural gas service mass distribution program, through a domestic network of pipelines that services residential, commercial and industrial sectors in the Aburrá Valley. More