We are there, full of energy

Strength, coverage, reliability, diversity, capacity for expansion and corporate social responsibility: our presence in the Colombian electricity sector.

We are there, full of energy

At EPM, we know the world of energy. Using the rich water resources of Antioquia, for more than half a century, we have offered Colombia a robust energy infrastructure, one that is reliable and diverse, and that guarantees most of the power needed to improve people’s lives and facilitate regional development.

We participate in the chain of generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of energy, which allows us to develop and offer a portfolio of energy proposals for national and international markets, supported by people, technological and management skills from our strategic business units and the companies that today form part of our Corporate Group.

Over the long term, we have participated in the regulated energy market through sales to other national resellers and distributors, and in the unregulated market through contracts for supply to corporate and business clients, to whom we offer added value services that support their productivity. For example: consulting in the rational and efficient use of energy, maintenance of substations and transformers, training for technical personnel, and laboratories accredited in electricity, among others.

We also participate in the Energy Exchange, through the short-term hourly purchase and sale of electricity.

We offer all our clients business experience in terms of efficiency, competitive prices, and fulfillment of commercial commitments, as well as long-term stability, strength, and financial robustness to leverage expansion of the infrastructure and responsible and respectful management of communities and the environment.

Our electrical system is fed by large complexes that supply energy to Antioquia and to Colombia through an interconnected national network, and from March 1, 2003, to other countries in the region when international energy transactions become operational.

We have 25 hydraulic power stations, and as of 1998, we started a process of diversification that has supplemented the strength and reliability of our system through the La Sierra thermoelectric power plant, which has both simple cycles (generation with gas or ACPM) and combined cycles (generation with steam), and then with wind energy through the Jepírachi wind farm.

Our combined net effective capacity is 3,257.6 megawatts, which is 23.5% of installed national capacity. These plants are supervised and controlled remotely from a modern Control Center located in the city of Medellín.

Anticipating the country’s energy supply needs, we are progressing with the construction of the Ituango hydroelectric project (2,400 MW in its two stages), in association with Antioquia Department. We are also studying a broad portfolio of possible projects for the future and progressing with the construction of the Bonyic hydroelectric power plant in the Republic of Panama.

As a guarantee of confidence for our clients, we have certified the quality of the “Energy-generating operation and maintenance service” and we have qualified and competent human resources that constitute one of our most valuable assets.

This is our world, a world in which we have accumulated great strengths in planning, construction, operation, maintenance, marketing and responsible management of energy supply solutions in Colombia. This positions us to achieve our business aspirations in other markets, full of energy.

The operation of the system is supervised and controlled in real time from the Generating Control Center (GCC), which enables the efficient management of energy resources and the reliable and economic operation of the power plants and its associated connection mechanisms.

From the GCC consoles, modernized in 2003, it is possible to supervise, control and manage the active and reactive power of each of the generators of the centrally released plants, as well as assign tolerance levels for the Secondary Frequency Regulation service for the Guatapé, Porce II, and La Tasajera power plants. It also supervises smaller power plants. It is also possible to carry out the opening and closing of generator field interrupters in generation substations and likewise supervise associated field equipment on generator sites.

Meanwhile, hydroclimatic factors are monitored through a network of more than 200 remote stations that guarantee permanent, reliable and timely information to the system.

Consistent with our policies of social and environmental responsibility, we carry out preventative and participative management starting with the early stages of expansion projects. Our people work hand-in-hand with municipal administrations, organized communities, and public and private institutions in order to responsibly manage impacts, comply with legal requirements and jointly manage local, regional and national development.

In this context, we establish links with projects pertaining to: infrastructure, education and culture, productive development, and environmental improvement, as envisaged in development and land zoning plans. Likewise, we enable contracting of goods and services with legally constituted community organizations, improving their capacity for self-management, generating employment and stimulating local economies.

This is how we live up to our acquired responsibility as generators with the Colombian National Interconnected System, and we are there, contributing to the development of the country and improvement in the quality of life of its people, full of energy.

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