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Our ManagementEPM accounts for 24.74% of the commercialization of energy in Colombia, which is very close to the 25% maximum allowance imposed by regulations. It likewise generates 19% of the country’s firm energy against the maximum allowance, which is also 25%. With increasing demand, and the expansion of its own capacity due to the construction of Hidroituango, it is projected that by 2019, it will produce 29% of the country’s energy, against a 30% maximum allowance. At the end of 2010, the installed energy generation capacity was 2,597 MW with a total of 1,892,372 clients at December 31. During the first few days of January 2011, the first Porce III unit started operating, increasing the company’s total installed capacity to 2,787.6 MW.

In terms of water, an area of 202.9 km2 is served, encompassing ten municipalities in the Aburrá Valley, with 944,368 clients and a treatment capacity of 17.26 m3/second of drinking water.

The total market is composed of 3,358,428 installed service points, including energy (1,892,372), water (1,889,303 including drinking water and sewerage) and gas (521,762). Of this market, 75% corresponds to the low-income residential sector, strata 1, 2, and 3; 9% corresponds to the medium strata; 7% to high strata 5 and 6; and 7% to the non-residential sector. In the chapter on Clients, there is a more detailed breakdown of the client base.

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