HistoryTalking about the EPM Business Group means referring to the growth of a group of companies that made a timely decision about their possibilities in the new environment of household public services. Achieving this required the momentum of an entire human contingent which, from the management group to the field worker, clearly understands the fundamental commitments that give life to the organization; the quality of its services and the continued satisfaction of its customers.

EPM, the head of this Business Group, was established on August 6, 1955. Through Agreement #58, the Administrative Council of Medellin merged four hitherto independent entities into an independent establishment: Energy, Water, Sewage and Telephones.

On November 18, 1955 the Mayor of Medellin regulated the existence of EPM by issuing its Articles of Incorporation (Decree 375), and on November 25 of that same year the Governor enacted them. But it wasn’t until January 1956 that EPM really began its administrative life. 
In 1989, Agreement #002 added to the Articles of Incorporation, the management and improvement of the environment as part of the corporate purpose of EPM, and changed the name of the telephone service to telecommunications. This service was split-off in 2007, becoming the UNE EPM Telecommunications affiliate.

From January 1998, EPM was transformed into an Industrial and Commercial State Company, and today, in order to carry out its activities, it is subject to the provisions of commercial law.

Its assets and income are its own and are totally separate from the property and common funds of the Municipality of Medellin. EPM has no external contributions other than the invoicing for the provision of its services. 

Its annual transfers to the Municipality of Medellin, its owner, are destined entirely to social investment.
Due to its company dynamics, EPM has become one of the largest employers in the region.

Thanks to the financial transfers it makes by law and to the protection of the natural resources, the municipalities located in the zones of influence of its works and projects are progressing. It also provides quality of life for the most vulnerable sectors of the population through rate subsidies and programs with a high social impact. 

For its record in the field of public services and for its strong national and international projection, EPM was chosen as the best company of the twentieth century in Colombia.