EPM Institutional Values

ValuesAs a service-providing public entity, EPM has established social responsibility as the core that guides its actions as a constituent part of its strategy for growth and purpose of sustainability. On becoming a group, EPM came together to establish a bridge between the organization and society, committing to responsibility and originating from its human fabric.

The Organization asked itself three questions: What level of ethics is found at EPM? What level of ethics do we aspire to? How can we continue to advance our ethics to be more inclusive?

The response to each of these questions came from the observation of the organizational thinking that governs our employees’ actions. This thinking is not static. On the contrary, it acquires new forms insofar as people understand the purpose of our corporate group and incorporate behaviors that favor strategies. This thinking is therefore not solely tied to employment practices, but also to the level of organizational involvement expressed in ethical commitments.

The commitments that each of us makes as an employee, with our company, with our colleagues, and with our community, emerge from the values that emanate through the organization and materialize in our day-to-day work. Each value makes itself felt, and comes to life in our relationships and actions.

Ethical conducts or behaviors are not simple actions. They derive from work that extends from the individual to the group, where they meet, in addition to the competencies and qualities that make our employees valuable, and organizational values that create opportunities for the integration of a business ethic.

Coherence between Values and Attributes

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