EPM Building

Edificio EPMThe EPM building is located between Avenida del Río and Route 58, the sector known as La Alpujarra II, next to the Metropolitan Theater (Teatro Metropolitano) and the Exhibition and Convention Center (Palacio de Exposiciones y Convenciones). It is another contribution to the city in terms of pleasant, welcoming spaces with great visual richness. It promotes the urban development of the zone through the management of public space and the provision of open areas, green zones, and water features.

After nearly 40 years of occupying the Miguel de Aguinaga building, the company’s head office since 1957, a good part of its team transferred to the new office in 1996, a process that culminated in the middle of 1997.

Just as the Miguel de Aguinaga, with the passing of the years, became one of the symbols of old Medellín, the new EPM building, due to its structure, architecture and “intelligent” design, became a great symbol of contemporary Medellín.

Through the program “Open Doors,” EPM is strengthening its outreach efforts with its stakeholders, especially in the business and academic sectors, in order for its head office to become a fundamental reference point in the Antioquian capital.